Updated April 17th, 2024 at 18:20 IST

Lizaa Malik Diagonsed With Auto Immune Disease, Opens Up About Road To Recovery

To combat her condition, singer Lizaa Malik had to undergo various treatments which included taking mizo injections and steroid therapy.

Lizaa Malik file photo | Image:Instagram

Singer Lizaa Malik has recently opened up about a challenging chapter in her life. The artist was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, a condition she confronted with a fighting spirit. Malik's journey began abruptly when she noticed a sudden appearance of a bald patch one morning. Initially thinking it was a reaction to a beauty product, she later learned it was the first sign of alopecia areata. As her condition progressed, additional bald patches and joint pain emerged, prompting her to seek medical help and conduct thorough tests.

Lizaa Malik's road to recovery

To combat her condition, Lizaa Malik underwent various treatments, including mizo injections and steroid therapy. However, the singer faced challenges in balancing her health needs with her professional commitments. Her treatments have since shifted towards Ayurvedic medicine and a nutrient-rich diet, contributing to a significant improvement in her joint and back pain.


She said, "Due to my joint pain, I was not able to stand up, walk and workout. I was on oral and injectable steroids for 2-3 months. Majorly, 90% of my hair came back. However, the very first initial patch hasn't come back yet. My joint and lower-back pain is a lot better. Now, I am on Ayurvedic medicine and oil for the hair patch, join and all that."



Lizaa Malik's focus on mental health and wellness

Lizaa Malik emphasises the importance of addressing stress as a major contributor to autoimmune disorders. By incorporating meditation and positive thinking into her daily routine, she aims to maintain a healthy mental state. She advises others to seek expert medical advice and prioritize mental health to avoid potential complications.


Lizaa said, "It's very important to be healthy mentally as well. Stress can lead to a lot more than what you can think of. So, we should think positive, do meditation, and stay away from any form of toxicity that can lead us to think anything negative because later, people can unknowingly get into depression and stress. So, we should all be positive and not get into any state of mental ill-health." Despite her health challenges, Malik remains optimistic and continues to work towards a full recovery. 


Published April 17th, 2024 at 18:20 IST