Updated May 10th, 2024 at 21:15 IST

Marathi Actor Pranit Hatte Denied Hotel Room For Being Transgender, Speaks Up For Community In Video

Pranit Hatte shared on her Instagram story on May 10 that the hotel she was supposed to stay in, turned her down because of her gender identity.

Pranit Hatte | Image:Instagram

Pranit Hatte, who gained popularity for her role in the Marathi television series Karbhari Laybhari, reportedly encountered prejudice at a hotel. Due to her gender, the actress was not given accommodations at the facility. Pranit shared on her Instagram story how the hotel personnel turned her down for a room because of her gender identity. 

Pranit Hatte faces discrimination based on gender identity

Pranit took to her Instagram handle to share her ordeal with the fans. She talked about being turned away from a hotel due to her gender identity. According to the actress, when the staff at the Hotel Pooja International learned that the guest was transsexual, they cancelled the reservation.


Pranit expressed her rage and despair at the cancellation of their hotel reservation and shared that she even shared the documents with the hotel authorities but they informed her that the booking was cancelled due to her gender preference. Pranit expressed her worry about how people are treating transgender persons in the live broadcast. 

She clarified that she wasn't there because she had to do something wrong. Her purpose for being there was work. Pranit said, "People should advise members of the transgender community where they should go and where they should stay," in an irate and sarcastic tone. 


Netizens reaction to the incident

Social media conversations around prejudice and discrimination against transgender people were triggered by the occurrence. Many criticized the hotel's behaviour and voiced support for Pranit. While some advocated for awareness-raising and education to fight discrimination, others made recommendations for substitute accommodations.


Published May 10th, 2024 at 19:12 IST