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Meet Dolly Chaiwala, Overnight Internet Sensation Who Served Tea To Bill Gates

Sunil Patil, famously known as 'Dolly Chaiwala', has become internet's favourite tea-seller after his video was posted by Bill Gates.

Who is Dolly Chaiwala? | Image:Instagram

India is the land of innovation and Bill Gates, who is visiting India, got a glimpse of it. On Wednesday, the multi-billionaire shared a video on Instagram with Sunil Patil, a popular tea seller in Nagpur, who goes by his ‘internet famous’ name - Dolly Chaiwala and praised India's innovation culture. "In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn, even in preparation of a simple cup of tea," the tech titan and philanthropist said in a post shared along with the video.

Overnight internet sensation Dolly Chaiwala

Sunil Patil has been an internet sensation for quite some time. His unique and exaggerated style of serving tea has caught the attention of the netizens. He carries his colourful sunglasses and coloured hair with aplomb while serving tea to people, who are usually curious about his style. Surrounded by food vloggers for viral videos and a comment section that is amused by his antics , Dolly is now tasting what some may call, ‘international fame’ after his meeting with Bill Gates.


Dolly Chaiwalla did not know who Bill Gates was

Talking to ANI at his roadside tea stall near the old VCA stadium in the Sadar area, Patil said he was not aware who the gentleman (Gates) in the video was and just made tea for "a person from abroad". "Only the next day when I returned to Nagpur (from Hyderabad) that I realised to whom I had served the tea," he said, adding Gates liked the aromatic beverage prepared by him.

"We did not speak at all. He was standing just beside me and I was busy with my work. After sipping on my tea, he said, 'Wow, Dolly ki Chai." The video was shot in Hyderabad and Patil informed that he was not aware that he was being taken to Hyderabad for a shoot with the legendary American entrepreneur.


Want to serve tea to PM Modi - Dolly Chaiwala

Dolly Chaiwalla expressed his wish to one day serve tea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that he gets his unique style inspiration from the multiple South Indian movies that he watches. ‘Nagpur ka Dolly Chaiwala’, Patil is very happy with his work. This meeting with Bill Gates has gotten him noticed by many people.


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