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Pippa Actor Kamal Sadanah Recalls His Father Murdering His Mother, Sister: Saw My Whole Family...

Kamal Sadanah recalled the harrowing incident from his childhood when his father shot dead his mother, sister and himself under the influence of alcohol.

Kamal Sadanah | Image:Instagram

Actor Kamal Sadanah is well known for his roles in yesteryear movies like Bekhudi, Bali Umar Ko Salaam and Angaara. The actor was most recently seen in the film Pippa. However, it is less known that the actor went through a major family tragedy as a child. The actor recalled his father shooting his mother and sister dead and himself dodging a bullet in the incident. 

Kamal Sadanah recalls ‘traumatic’ family tragedy 

In a conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Kamal Sadanah recalled the mortifying time when his father Brij Sadanah, killed his sister, Namrata, and their mother, Sayeeda Khan, before killing himself. The 53-year-old actor recalled that he was shot in the incident as well. The actor asserted, “It is traumatic. To see your family being killed in front of your eyes is…I was also shot. I had a bullet go from one side of neck and come out from the other side. I have survived there. And there is no reason. There is no logical reason for me to survive.” He shared that he dodged the bullet and went on to live without any physical problems. 

Kamal Sadanah in a poster of the film Bekhudi | Image: IMDb

Kamal recalled rushing his mother and sister to the nearest hospital not even realising that he has also been shot. He remembered, “Had to carry my mother and my sister to the hospital while they were bleeding. Aur us waqt mujhe pta nahi tha ki mujhe bhi goli lagi thi [At that time, I did not know that I was also shot] actually.” He mentioned that the doctor shared that he had been shot and needs to get into surgery. He added, “I was like, ‘No, you just keep my mother and sister alive. And I also was trying to check on my father what he was going to be doing at that point.” 


Kamal Sadanah remembers the tragedy took place on his birthday 

In the same conversation, the Pippa actor recalled that that harrowing incident took place on the day of his birthday (October 21). He shared, “I had to undergo a surgery which was basically they had to clean up the wound. It was my birthday that day. They gave me anaesthesia and they, of course, cleaned the wound.” He then recalled going home to the unfortunate sight of seeing all his family members dead. He shared that his father was under the influence of alcohol when the incident took place and clarified that he does not believe that his father was a bad person or that his childhood was tarnished in any manner. 

A file photo of Kamal Sadanah | Image: IMDb

Kamal Sadanah even shared that because of the incident he refrained from celebrating his birthday for a few years. He said, “In fact, I still don't do it. But, every year, my friends are just lined up. Last year or year before last, I actually said, ‘I'm going to have a small party'. And both my children were there. It was nice.” The actor confessed that he continued to live in the same house where the incident took place and that he believes he is not the most tragedy-stricken person in the world. 


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