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Sachin Pilgaonkar Forays Into Singing, Releases Ramayan Ki Chaupaiyaan Ahead Of Pran Pratishtha

Sachin Pilgaonkar has released a new bhakti song titled Ramayan Ki Chaupaiyaan. The eight-minute-long video was released days before Ram Mandir's inauguration.

Sachin Pilgaonkar in the music video | Image:Youtube Screengrab

Sachin Pilgaonkar is a well-known actor who is known for his work in both Bollywood and Marathi films. The actor has now forayed into singing with the latest Ram bhajan Ramayan Ki Chaupaiuyaan. The eight-minute music video was released on January 20. In a new interview, the actor opened up about how he was ‘destined’ to sing the song. For the unversed, the song was picturised on him in the 1975 film 'Geet Gaata Chal. 

Sachin Pilgaonkar on his ‘first Bhakti song’ 

Sachin Pilgaonkar spoke to PTI about foraying into singing and starting with a Bhakti song. The actor said,''I've never marketed myself as a singer. I was waiting for the right opportunity. This is a God-given opportunity. This is my first bhakti song. ''I think this was destined. That's why 44 years ago, these chaupaiyaan were picturised on me (in Geet Gaata Chal)'' Pilgaonkar, also a writer-filmmaker, told PTI. Ramayan Ki Chaupaaiyaan an 8.44-minute music video song which was released on YouTube on Saturday, is directed and produced by Deepak Pandit.

As a singer, Pilgaonkar has over 200 songs to his credit largely from his own directorial ventures in Marathi and Hindi languages, such as Choricha Mamla from Gammat Jammat, Hee Navari Asli and Aala Jairam Aala from Navari Mile Navaryala as well as Yeh Ho Raha Hai from Prem Deewana, among others. Not many people are aware of his work as a singer, he said. ''In my life, many things have taken the front seat: acting, which I started with, then directing, producing and writing. Singing took a back seat somewhere. ''Hence, not many people are well versed about me being a singer. I'm sure people would have heard my songs but they don't know if they have been sung by me,'' he added. Pilgaonkar also said he is ''fortunate'' to have played the roles of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna in different films.

Sachin Pilgaonkar on essaying the role of Lord Ram 

He played Lord Ram as a child artist in the Marathi film Swayamvar Zale Siteche (1964). Later, he starred as Lord Krishna in Homi Wadia's 1971 film ''Shri Krishna Leela'' (Hindi) and followed it up with the 1979 Hindi movie Gopal Krishna. ''I was happy about playing these roles. Later, nobody asked me to play Lord Ram, but I have played Kishan ji twice in my life, so that was also a pleasure. We are devotees of Lord Ganesh too,'' the actor said. 

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Published January 21st, 2024 at 18:49 IST