Updated May 15th, 2024 at 15:54 IST

Soha Ali Khan Recalls How Saif's Instincts Would Surface Whenever She Introduced Him To Boys

Soha Ali Khan mentioned that her brother Saif Ali Khan has always been a rebel, pushing boundaries that often left her parents bewildered.

Soha Ali Khan | Image:Soha Ali Khan/Instagram

Soha Ali Khan recently shared insights into her relationship with her brother, Saif Ali Khan, and reminisced about his initial encounter with her husband, Kunal Kemmu. Reflecting on Saif's rebellious nature during their youth, Soha described how his unconventional antics often left their parents astounded. Despite their nine-year age gap, Soha found herself naturally inclined towards obedience, contrasting with Saif's non-conformist approach.

Soha Ali Khan on introducing boys to her brother Saif

During an interview on the CurlyTales YouTube channel, Soha Ali Khan mentioned that her brother has always been a rebel, pushing boundaries that often left her parents bewildered. She said, "He broke every rule in the book, they had to invent a new rulebook. There’s nine years between us. My mother told me when I bunked an economics class, ‘If this is the start of some kind of rebellion, then forget about it, because we’ve seen it all’. So, I just gave up all that. It was impossible to walk in his shoes."

Soha and Saif | Image: X


Recalling instances where Saif displayed a protective older brother persona, Soha shared anecdotes of his interactions with boys she introduced to him. She explained, "My brother is quite unique. He’s never been a traditional older brother. He has been there, he’s looked after me, he’s been appreciative of me. And as many times as I’ve turned to him, he’s turned to me for my advice and support. In that way, it’s been quite a refreshing relationship, even though we’re so many years apart. He’s lived a colourful life, and he’s not conservative, but when it comes to your younger sister, it brings up certain feudal instincts in you. And I’ve seen him grapple with that in the past, when I’ve introduced him to a boy and he’s felt the need to play an older brother and interrogate him."

Soha and Kunal Kemmu | Image: X


How was Saif's first meeting with Kunal Kemmu?

During the same interview, Soha recalled Saif Ali Khan's first meeting with Kunal. She said, "He was quite taken by Kunal. I remember calling him home, and we were playing pool. It’s one thing to appreciate from a distance, but he was just touching Kunal’s biceps and asking him where he works out. He thought that Kunal was a nice specimen of a human being, and what most people appreciate about Kunal is that he doesn’t pretend to be anything that he’s not. Some people might feel intimidated in their first meeting with Saif Ali Khan or Sharmila Tagore, or feel the need to amp it up a bit, and Kunal has never felt the need to do that for anyone."


Published May 15th, 2024 at 15:54 IST