Updated April 20th, 2024 at 15:58 IST

Surbhi Jain, Fashion Influencer, Dies Due To Cancer At 30

Surbhi Jain, best known for her innovative take on fashion styling, has died at 30. The fashion influencer had been battling Ovarian cancer, succumbing to it.

Surbhi Jain | Image:surbhis.jain/Instagram

Surbhi Jain is no more. The fashion influencer lost her long-standing battle to Ovarian cancer. News of her passing, was shared by the family to her social media handles. She was all of 30.

Surbhi Jain loses battle to cancer

Surbhi Jain had maintained an appreciable transparency when it came to sharing her cancer journey with her 50,000 strong following. The influencer kept sharing her content and keeping up with her work as she made her way to the seemingly never-ending rounds of chemotherapy. Surbhi's tumour however, returned thrice, with her finally succumbing to its impact the third time around.


Surbhi's last post on her Instagram handle had come after a sustained period of silence. The influencer had shared how she did not really have any good news to deliver. The last two months of her fight against cancer, the influencer was admitted to the hospital. The last month before her passing, Surbhi had been put on a continuous IV drip with all food being stopped. Surbhi Jain was just 30 at the time of her passing - her last rites were performed by her family on April 19, in Ghaziabad, as per media reports.


'Broken but still going strong'

Surbhi Jain had been hoping to beat cancer, as is evident in the notes she shared with her followers through her updates. The influencer had penned a note, dedicated to 2024, in which she had expressed hope that the rest of the year would be kinder to her than 2023 had been. Surbhi signed off on the note with "broken but still going strong".


Surbhi's last update on social media came on February 23, in which she informed her followers about her deteriorating condition. An excerpt from the update read, "... It’s difficult and I just want all this to end." Surbhi succumbed to the impact of her condition, a few weeks later. 


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