Updated February 28th, 2024 at 17:10 IST

When Rinky Chakma Hid Her Cancer Diagnosis For 2 Years: I Thought I Will Heal

Rinky Chakma, in her last Instagram post, shared she was diagnosed with a type of breast cancer in 2022. She was hoping to recover.

Rinky Chakma | Image:Rinky Chakma/Instagram

Rinky Chakma, former Miss India Tripura, died this morning after losing a battle with breast cancer. Chakma was diagnosed with the medical condition two years ago. However, she revealed it to the public just last month and also mentioned that she hid it all this while hoping to heal.

Rinky Chakma's last Instagram post goes viral

In her last Instagram post, which was shared on January 27, the former Miss India Tripura revealed her cancer diagnosis and said she is battling Malignant Phyllodes tumour - a type of breast cancer in 2022. Sharing a photo of herself from the hospital, Rinky wrote, "Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing fit and fine. First of all, I wanted to apologize for MIA for too long. I have been struggling alone for quite a while now. I did not want to tell anyone about my health for 2 years because I thought ill battle and heal on my own. But I guess it's time I tell everyone about my health."


She added, "I was diagnosed with Malignant phyllodes tumour (breast cancer in 2022). After I had my first surgery, it metastasized into my lungs and is now in my head (brain tumor). My brain surgery is still pending as it's already widespread all the right side of my body till my lungs and it will only be possible if I heal with chemotherapy first with just 30% hope."

Rinky was hoping to get a brain surgery

In the same caption, she wrote, "Currently, I'm getting chemo sessions. Hopefully, after this, we will get my brain surgery done too. I just wanted to let everyone know that me and my family are going through a rough time and the last 2 years have also not been easy with regular hospital stays and visits. I am accepting donations as of now because we have exhausted all our savings on my treatment over the last two years. I thought letting everyone know what I was going through will also make me feel better."


She concluded her post by writing, "Please send me messages instead of calling as I am too weak to receive them with my treatments. Also, remember me in ur prayers. Sending love and healing to everyone."


Published February 28th, 2024 at 17:10 IST