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Who Is Anasuya Sengupta? First Indian To Win Best Actress Award At Cannes

The Shameless star Anasuya Sengupta has etched her name in history by clinching the prestigious Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Anasuya Sengupta | Image:Anasuya Sengupta/Instagram

Anasuya Sengupta has etched her name in history by clinching the prestigious Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival. The remarkable achievement came in the Un Certain Regard segment of the festival, recognising her stellar performance in Bulgarian director Konstantin Bojanov's film, The Shameless. Anasuya's portrayal of Renuka, a character navigating the complexities of life as a sex worker in Delhi, impressed audiences and critics alike. The film delves into Renuka's journey as she escapes a brothel after a dramatic encounter with law enforcement, intricately weaving themes of love, resilience, and societal marginalisation.

Who is Anasuya Sengupta?

Originally hailing from Kolkata, Anasuya's journey to cinematic stardom took an unconventional path. Despite primarily working as a production designer in Mumbai and contributing her talents to notable projects like Masaba Gupta's Masaba Masaba and Srijit Mukherjee's segment in Netflix's Satyajit Ray anthology, her transition to acting was serendipitous. The director of The Shameless stumbled upon her potential through her Facebook posts, propelling her into the limelight.

The film's narrative not only explores the complexities of Renuka's life but also highlights her poignant love affair with Devika, portrayed by Omara Shetty. Their relationship transcends societal norms and challenges prevailing stereotypes, offering a poignant commentary on love and identity.

About The Shameless

Shot against the scenic backdrop of Nepal and the bustling streets of Mumbai, The Shameless is a cinematic masterpiece awaiting its Indian release. Anasuya's dedication to her craft and her poignant portrayal of Renuka have undoubtedly set a new standard in Indian cinema.

Upon receiving the big honour, Sengupta dedicated her award to the queer community. As per Variety, in her acceptance speech, Anasuya said, “to the queer community and other marginalised communities around the world for bravely fighting a battle they shouldn't have to fight. You don’t have to be queer to fight for equality, you don’t have to be colonised to understand that colonising is pathetic — we just need to be very, very decent human beings.” 


Published May 25th, 2024 at 11:39 IST