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Zeenat Aman Reveals Why She Took An ‘Unplanned Social Media Break’: There’s A Lot Of Online Noise

Veteran actress Zeenat Aman shared that she took a short break from social media because she got tired of seeing her own face on her profile.

Zeenat Aman | Image:thezeenataman/Instagram

Zeenat Aman is known for making candid revelations on social media. The veteran actress often takes to her Instagram account to share old anecdotes from the sets of her movies and with her co-stars. In her recent post, the 72-year-old star revealed that she took a brief social media hiatus. 

Zeenat Aman on why she took an ‘unplanned’ social media break 

On May 31, Zeenat Aman took to her Instagram account to share a picture of herself in a mint green dress. The veteran actress shared the photo with a long note on the pros and cons of social media. The actress shared the picture with the caption: "I took an unplanned social media break. Mostly because I got tired of seeing my own face on my grid! This time to myself really led me to ruminate on how different the world is today from when I started out. It’s quite unrecognisable from what I lived through in the 70s."

The 72-year-old actress said she is fascinated by what the internet, and more specifically, social media, has done to society. She added, “There are both pros and cons of course. At some level, social media has democratised the idea of fame. Today, anyone with a little talent, luck and a smartphone can build a career that would have been impossible without immense privileges back in the day.”

Zeenat Aman shares the pros and cons of social media break 

In the same post, the actress shared she believes there is “honest talent” on the platform. “Yes, there’s a lot of online noise, but there is also honest talent that now has a platform. On the other hand, I am very cautious of the culture of easy outrage that has proliferated online,” she wrote.

A file photo of Zeenat Aman | Image: Instagram 

Zeenat then addressed trolling, tagging it as “cruel things.” She added, “And how casually some people say cruel things online that they would never dare say in person. To me this indicates a bored society that has forgotten how nuanced the world, and each person in it, is!” She added, "To invalidate, tear down, and sully people for the smallest of indiscretions is absolutely counter to my approach, which is dialogue, and sometimes the acceptance that opinions can differ, and that’s okay. That’s it. My honest two cents for the day.” “I hope your Friday is wonderful. What are your plans?” added the actress, who was last seen in the 2019 film Panipat in a cameo role as Sakina Begum and will be seen next in Bun Tikki


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