Updated March 28th, 2024 at 23:01 IST

Did The Simpsons Predict The Baltimore Bridge Collapse? Conspiracy Theory Decoded

The Francis Scott Key Bridge, located in Maryland's Baltimore, collapsed earlier this month. A correlation between the event and The Simpsons is being drawn.

The Simpsons | Image:X

The Simpsons has had a long standing legacy of 'predicting' major world events, way ahead of their actual occurrence. While some instances have actually carried an inexplicable overlap - something which can be written off to coincidence - the internet lore appears to have reached new depths, especially in the wake of AI. The most recent case of the same, appears to have occurred with the Baltimore bridge collapse.



Did The Simpsons really predict the Baltimore bridge collapse?

The unfortunate Baltimore bridge collapse occurred on March 26. The event was triggered by a cargo vessel by the name of Dali ramming into the 47-year old Maryland structure. Soon enough, a picture, showing a baffled Homer Simpson staring on at a dilapidated bridge with a sinking cargo ship, started doing the rounds of the internet.

Considering the long standing internet lore of The Simpsons predicting global mishaps, the picture was soon taken at face value. A fact check on the picture however, debunks the myth at hand. A post made by an X account carrying the aforementioned picture with the caption 'Simpsons was right again" stood flagged by X with a user intimation. As per the same, the picture which has taken the internet by storm is AI generated, having first appeared on a TikTok. The situation at hand, with a sizeable portion of the internet having believed The Simpsons' eerie foresight into the future, makes for a big testament to the pressing need for fact check mechanisms on social media platforms.

How did the Baltimore bridge collapse?

The Baltimore bridge refers to Maryland's almost 50 year old Francis Francis Scott Key Bride. A cargo ship rammed into the structure leading to its complete collapse, an event which resulted in the death of six construction workers. The operators of the cargo ship, named Dali, had issued a mayday call regarding the vessel having lost power just before the crash.


The ship still headed toward the span at "a very, very rapid speed," said Maryland Governor Wes Moore, as per an AP report. 


Published March 28th, 2024 at 23:01 IST