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After George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan Approves Aaron Taylor-Johnson As Next James Bond

Talking about the next to take on the role of James Bond, the former spy agent Pierce Brosnan said that Aaron Taylor-Johnson “has the chops” to take it on.

Pierce Brosnan and Aaron Taylor-Johnson | Image:X

Former James Bond depicter Pierce Brosnan has given his stamp of approval to actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play the suave spy. Taylor-Johnson is rumoured to be the next 007 agent. Brosnan played James Bond through the 1990s. 

Pierce Brosnan gives his blessings to Aaron Taylor-Johnson 

Talking about the next to take on the role of the spy agent, Brosnan said that Taylor-Johnson “has the chops” to take it on, reports deadline. Brosnan starred with Taylor-Johnson in the 2009 film The Greatest. “One of the first movies we made, one of our earliest movies, was The Greatest – and he was in it,” Brosnan said.



“He was The Greatest in it. It’s a lovely movie with Aaron and Carey Mulligan and Susan Sarandon and myself. So yes, I read the news about his possibilities of being a Bond, so I would definitely tip my hat to the fellow." If Taylor-Johnson becomes the next Bond, Brosnan advises the actor: “Be bold. Go out there, have a great time. Just love it. Just go for it.”


George Lazenby on Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s casting as James Bond

George Lazenby, who played Bond in the 1969 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, also commented on reports of Johnson’s casting. According to TMZ, the 84-year-old actor said Johnson would be able to “handle the stunts and all the ladies who love a man in a tux”. 



Former 007 George Lazenby approves of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the next  James Bond


In the interview, Lazenby opened up about the selection process for the Bond role back in the 1960s, saying he went through “a bunch of different tests and auditions” before he landed the role. He also said he supports Taylor-Johnson as Agent 007 “as long as they do the character justice”, and advised the actor “to be true to himself and reinvent the role to fit him”.



Published March 27th, 2024 at 21:00 IST