Updated February 11th, 2024 at 13:15 IST

Another Round Director Warns Chris Rock Of Another Slapgate As He Gears Up To Helm Hollywood Remake

Thomas Vinterberg was asked about his opinion on Chris Rock's remake of Another Round, the director gave a hilarious response to the question.

Thomas Vinterberg and Chris Rock | Image:X

Chris Rock is set to helm the American version of Thomas Vinterberg's Oscar-winning film Another Round. The remake's first draft is written by Stuart Bloomberg, and Rock has brought on another writer onboard for the rest of the writing. In a recent interview, Vinterberg was asked about his opinion on Rock's remake of his movie, the director gave a hilarious response to the question. 

Thomas Vinterberg makes fun of Slapgate

In a conversation with Soundwave, Vinterberg said that he was looking forward to seeing what will Rock do with his adaptation of Another Round, drama that won the Oscar in 2021. While the filmmaker remained silent about his involvement in any manner with the American adaptation, he did issue a warning to Rock.

Still from Another Round


He said, “The choice of Chris Rock is exciting. It’s exciting [to see] what he comes up with. I am full of good expectations. If it’s shit, he’ll get slapped again.”

What is Slapgate?

Vinterberg was of course referring to the infamous incident at the 2022 Oscars where Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkette Smith, which did not sit well with her husband King Richard star Will Smith. What followed next became the talk of the town as Smith walked toward Rock and smacked him across the face while the entire episode was broadcast live to viewers across the world. 


Too stunned to speak, actor-comedian Rock, who had taken to the stage to present an award, tried to maintain his calm and move forward with the show. Will withdrew from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after the slap and was barred from attending Academy events for ten years.





Published February 11th, 2024 at 13:15 IST