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Is Wilson Fisk replacing Thanos as the new villain in the MCU franchise? Find out

Marvel cinematic universe's upcoming web series Echo may introduce a new villain after Thanos. Here's all that we know about the developments.

Wilson Fisk | Image:IMDb

The upcoming Marvel series Echo is keeping fans on the edge. Created by Marion Dayre, Echo is based on the comic of the same name by Joe Quesada and David Mack. The series is set to premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar from January 9 onwards. The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be setting up a new villain to take Thanos' place and it is definitely not Kang. 

Still from Echo | Image: IMDb

Will Wilson Fisk be portrayed as the MCU's primary villain in the miniseries?

Marvel producer Brad Winderbaum hinted in a recent interview whether Vincent's character Wilson Fisk will be portrayed as MCU's primary villain in the miniseries. During the conversation with Screenrant, the interviewer told Brad Winderbaum that it felt like Wilson Fisk was the Thanos of the “street-level corner of the MCU.”

The producer in response dropped a cue and added that he couldn't reveal too much. “Only that as a chapter in Wilson Fisk’s life, this is a crucial one and sets the stage in some remarkable ways for what’s coming next," he said.

Echo poster | Image: IMDb

Brad's comment indicated that Wilson Fisk also known as The Kingpin will have an important role in Echo that will set the stage for his character to grow in future MCU series or films. The villain will be crucial to the development of the MCU franchises.

More about Echo

The series is the immediate yet unofficial sequel to Jonathan Igla's 2021 show Hawkeye. Alaqua Cox is playing the titular role of Echo aka Maya in the series. It also features  Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk and Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock will be reprising their roles. Echo also stars Tantoo Cardinal as Chula, Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez, Chaske Spencer as Henry, Graham Greene as Skully, and Devery Jacobs as Bonnie.

still from Echo | Image: IMDb

Vincent D'Onofiro's Wilson Fisk first appeared in Hawkeye and will be seen in Echo, followed by Daredevil: Born Again. According to Comicbook, there is a popular notion that Marvel fans hold is that the MCU intends to revisit the Defenders universe. Wilson Fisk will serve as the unifying thread throughout the other NYC-based Marvel series.


Published January 5th, 2024 at 18:24 IST