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Neve Campbell 'Grateful' For Return In Scream 7 After Salary Dispute: Means A Lot To Women

The actor announced her return to the franchise in March in an Instagram post. She essayed the role of Sidney Prescott in five Scream movies.

Neve Campbell | Image:IMDb

Neve Campbell says she is grateful to reprise the role of Sidney Prescott in the seventh installment of the horror mystery film franchise Scream. Campbell was part of the first five films but walked out of the sixth chapter over a salary dispute.

A still from Scream 6 | Image: IMDb

Neve Campbell felt 'sad' about not being part of Scream 6

The actor announced her return to the franchise in March in an Instagram post, which read, “Hi All. I’m so excited to announce this news!!! Sidney Prescott is coming back!!!!” While the 50-year-old said she was “sad” to not be part of last year’s “Scream 6”, she is looking forward to featuring in the upcoming movie.

“I was really grateful that they came back to me in a respectful way. I think that means a lot to women and to society. I’m grateful to be able to step into Sidney’s shoes again and tell her story,” Campbell told People magazine.

File photo of Neve Campbell | Image: IMDb

“Those movies have been such a big part of my life and it means so much to me, and I was sad to miss the last one, to not be a part of it. I meet a lot of fans who say her strength has helped them get through tough times, and it means more than I could ever have imagined to some people,” she added.

All you need to know about Scream franchise

The first Scream movie released in 1996 with Campbell as Sidney, the target of the Ghostface killer, whose look was inspired by Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream. The sequels were released in 1997, 2000, 2011, 2022 and the last one in 2023. Kevin Williamson will direct Scream 7 from a script by Guy Busick.

Earlier, Melissa Barrera was fired from Scream 7 after making comments about the Israel-Gaza conflict. Then Jenna Ortega dropped out over scheduling conflicts with Wednesday season 2.


Published June 2nd, 2024 at 18:33 IST