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No Way Up trailer: People fight for survival in a ravine after a dreadful plane crash

The makers have announced the release date of February 20, 2024, for the much-anticipated survival thriller film No Way Up. The trailer of the film is out.

No Way Up | Image:YouTube screengrab

The makers have announced the release date of February 20, 2024, for the much-anticipated disaster film No Way Up. The film offers a spine-chilling glimpse into the harrowing circumstances faced by a group of air travelers plunged into a dire situation. While the production team remains mum about confirmations, Deadline's report alludes to the conclusion of principal filming by May 2022.

Catastrophe unfolds mid-air in No Way Up

The film's trailer expertly lures viewers into a false sense of security as the plane and its occupants navigate seemingly routine airborne tranquility. Yet, this tranquil facade swiftly gives way to chaos and horror as an unexpected disaster tears a massive chunk from the aircraft, hurtling passengers into a perilous freefall.

The ensuing calamity propels passengers into a relentless battle for survival against unimaginable odds. While some cling to the rapidly depleting airlock for precious moments of oxygen, the arrival of apparent saviours—scuba divers in the Pacific Ocean—initially infuses hope into their dire predicament.

However, this newfound hope swiftly transforms into a chilling nightmare when a scuba diver falls prey to the gaping maw of a lurking predator, signaling the presence of deadly, hungry sharks. Stranded survivors are now thrust into a desperate race against time, dwindling oxygen supplies, and the lurking menace of these relentless hunters.

A still from No Way Up | Image: X


All we need to know about No Way Up

Led by Colm Meaney of Star Trek fame in the role of Brandon, Ava's steadfast bodyguard, and Sophie McIntosh, known for her performance in Brave New World as Ava, the film's protagonist, No Way Up boasts an ensemble cast featuring talents like Phyllis Logan from Downton Abbey  alongside Will Attenborough, James Carroll Jordan, Manuel Pacific, and Grace Nettle in pivotal roles.

A still from No Way Up | Image: X


No Way Up is a tale of survival

As the narrative unfolds, the survivors must navigate the treacherous depths, pitted against the relentless ticking clock and the ruthless predators lurking in the depths. Every moment becomes a test of their resilience and courage, as they grapple with the grim reality that their fight for survival after the catastrophic plane crash might all be in vain.


No Way Up promises an adrenaline-pumping cinematic experience, intertwining suspense, horror, and the sheer will to survive against insurmountable odds. The impending release has audiences on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the heart-stopping journey into the depths of human survival instincts.


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