Updated March 29th, 2024 at 23:00 IST

Rebel Wilson Says Her Weight Loss Got Her 'Much More Attention' Than Any Of Her Films

Rebel Wilson opened up about her journey with her body, particularly addressing how that has got her more attention than any of her professional projects.

Rebel Wilson | Image:AP

Rebel Wilson is currently gearing up for the release of her book Rebel Rising. Ahead of the same, the actor and comedian opened up about how her weight loss broadened her perspective. She also detailed the often overlooked emotional aspect of such journeys.

Rebel Wilson puts the spotlight on her weight loss

In an exclusive chat with People, Rebel Wilson has opened up about "positive reinforcement" that came with her physical transformation. While she acknowledged the whole shtick as being "superficial", she still appreciated all the attention that came pooling in with it. 


She said, "I was getting quite a lot of attention for the weight loss...I thought, ‘Gosh, people are so intrigued by this.’ Literally, I got more attention for weight loss than any movie I'd ever done...I know that's superficial, but it was nice. And I went, ‘Oh, is this what hot people experience all the time?’ Their life must be so bloody blessed...It was interesting to know exactly what it's like to be invisible sexually and then to be visible. I've experienced both sides of the coin".


Rebel Wilson reflects on the emotional aspect of her transformation

Speaking about her book, Rebel detailed how the emotional aspect of wanting to transform one's body has an unshakeable emotional journey attached to it. She further elucidated the particulars of this in context of emotional eaters. 


She said, "People often out there think that there's some magic pill, or some sick special diet, or exercise regime or whatever". Speaking about her book, she added that she wanted it "to give people the message, if they're like me and an emotional eater, that it's not about that stuff. It's literally about working at a healthier way to deal with your emotions, and there is no magic solution...And then maybe me telling my story might encourage them to do the same and make healthy change in their lives". Rebel Wilson will next be seen in film, Bride Hard, currently in post production.


Published March 29th, 2024 at 23:00 IST