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Ripley Teaser: Andrew Scott Turns Grifter in Intriguing Period Drama

The teaser for Ripley introduces Andrew Scott as the enigmatic Tom Ripley who is a con man. The series promises a thrilling journey into a world of deception.

Ripley teaser out | Image:Ripley I IMDb

Ripley which is a much-anticipated series of Andrew Scott finally unveiled its teaser. The one-minute teaser of the upcoming limited series is a new thrilling experience for the viewers. With Andrew Scott taking on the chilling role of Tom Ripley, the actor will be playing a con man. Adapted from Patricia Highsmith's acclaimed novels, the teaser offers a glimpse into the 1960s world of intrigue, deception, and hidden identities.

The teaser of Andrew Scott's upcoming series Ripley unveiled

Set in early 1960s New York, the series follows Tom Ripley, portrayed by Andrew Scott, a grifter hired to bring back a wealthy man's son from Italy. The teaser tantalizingly presents Ripley's enigmatic life, filled with evasion, constant hiding, and a web of forged identities. Scott's portrayal promises a riveting performance, with just the word Ripley leaving an indelible mark.

Andrew Scott's Ripley seems to be always on the move, whether running from unknown pursuers or orchestrating his own schemes. The teaser skillfully captures the essence of the character's mysterious and elusive nature. With minimal dialogue, the visuals and Scott's chilling presence create an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue, setting the stage for a captivating narrative.

Ripley's premiere date and stellar cast details

The teaser not only offers a thrilling preview but also reveals the premiere date for Ripley. All eight episodes of the limited series are set to stream on Netflix from April 4. Alongside Andrew Scott, the series features Johnny Flynn as Dickie Greenleaf, the elusive son, and Dakota Fanning as Ripley's girlfriend, adding depth to the narrative. The teaser hints at complex relationships and a storyline that goes beyond the surface.

Ripley's premiere date and stellar cast details I Image: IMDb

Andrew Scott's previous success in All Of Us Strangers has heightened expectations, and his portrayal of Tom Ripley promises to be a career-defining performance. With a Golden Globe nomination under his belt, Scott's involvement in Ripley adds anticipation to the series, offering viewers a compelling journey into the world of deception and suspense.


Ripley emerges as a must-watch series, combining the allure of Patricia Highsmith's timeless novels with Andrew Scott's captivating portrayal of the iconic conman. As the teaser sparks excitement, fans eagerly await the unraveling of Ripley's complex world on April 4, anticipating a series that transcends the ordinary and delivers a gripping narrative.


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