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'Spider-Man: No Way Home' post-credit scene explained: Did MCU tease entry of anti-hero?

MCU's latest flick 'Spider-Man: Now Way Home' was released in India on December 16, here is the mind-blowing post-credit scene on 'No Way Home' explained.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe's latest superhero flick, Spider-Man: Now Way Home is undoubtedly one of the biggest movies of the year and stars Tom Holland as the web-slinger in his third solo outing. The movie has generated crazy hype amongst fans and has broken several pre-booking records. The movie was released in India on December 16, a day before the United States and has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

The movie starts off with Peter Parker's identity being revealed by Mysterio post the events from the 2019 movie Spider-Man: Far From Home. Parker then seeks help from the Sorcerer Supreme aka Doctor Strange. The post-credit is definitely of the movie is definitely cherry on the cake, read on to find out more about Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credit scene. Warning spoilers ahead. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credit scene explained 

No Way Home's post-credits scene picks up from the ending scene of Venom 2, where Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock is suddenly transported to a new Universe. While Doctor Strange was casting a spell to make the world forget about Spider-Man's true identity, there was an error as the spell got reversed and people from every universe who knew Peter Parker in any form started showing up in their universe. That's when Eddie Brock along with his alien symbiote Venom also gets transported to this universe.

In the post-credit scene, Eddie can be seen sitting in a bar and chatting with the bartender as he collected information from this universe. Eddie can be seen engaging in a playful banter with Venom as they learn about the Avengers and Thanos' snap also known as the Blip. Eddie asks the bartender, "So you're telling me there was a man with a tin suit? Also a green angry man, Hulk?" Brock then goes on to say, "Maybe I'll go to New York and pay a visit to this Spider-Man." That's when Eddie starts to disappear and returns to his Universe as Doctor Strange casts the spell. Just before the scene blacks out, it is seen that Venom leaves behind a small amount of alien symbiote in this universe. 

The post-credit scenes of No Way Home is a clear indication that Venom's story arc will be continued in MCU and fans will soon get to see Tom Holland and Tom Hardy clash on the big screen. Amy Pascal the producer of Spider-Man confirmed the development of a sequel to Spider-Man: No Way Home in addition to plans for the second trilogy of films set in the MCU hinting that Venom's story will continue in MCU. 

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