Updated February 22nd, 2024 at 17:59 IST

Harry Styles' Stalker Allegedy Sent Him 8000 Cards In Less Than 30 Days: Report

In another incident within a year, Harry Styles again encountered a scary stalker who sent him around 8000 letters in just a month.

Harry Styles | Image:IMDb

In a court hearing on February 20, it was revealed that a woman, identified as Myra Carvalho, allegedly sent or hand-delivered more than 8,000 cards to the home of renowned actor and singer Harry Styles within just one month. Carvalho, aged 35 and originally from Brazil, had travelled to London and was residing in a hostel in Earls Court at the time of the alleged incidents. The mail sent reportedly included items such as wedding cards.

What is the recent stalking incident involving Harry Styles?

According to statements presented in court, Carvalho, who has a partner in Brazil, had left her home country without her parents' knowledge and had expressed "sexual urges'' towards Harry Styles. Daily Mail reports that her parents, visibly emotional, attended the plea and trial preparation hearing at Harrow Crown Court via video link from Bronzefield jail in Surrey, where Carvalho is currently remanded in custody.



Carvalho's defence barrister Clementine Simon informed the court that Carvalho's doctor in Brazil suspected she was experiencing a "manic episode" and raised concerns about her fitness to enter a plea. Consequently, Judge Karim Ezzat adjourned the case for further proceedings scheduled on April 19 at the same court.


This is not the first time Harry Styles has faced such incidents

Previously, he reportedly encountered harassment from another alleged stalker, Diana Tarazaga-Orero, in 2022. Tarazaga-Orero had breached into Styles' home three years after being convicted of stalking. Following these incidents, Styles upgraded his security measures which included hiring a night guard and installing a panic lock on his bedroom door.



The recent allegations against Carvalho include charges of harassment amounting to stalking and causing serious alarm or distress to Harry Styles. The court was informed that Carvalho's actions had a significant adverse effect on Styles' usual day-to-day activities.


A source told The Sun last month, “Harry was really shaken up. Harry just wants to carry on as normal, but this has been concerning.”


Published February 22nd, 2024 at 17:59 IST