Updated March 19th, 2024 at 17:23 IST

Will Princess Diaries Return With A Third Part? Julie Andrews Reacts

For several years, the news of Princess Diaries returning with its third part has been doing rounds on the internet. Julie Andrews has now addressed the same.

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Plans for a third instalment of the popular Princess Diaries franchise have hit a roadblock, according to recent revelations by Julie Andrews. Amid speculation of a threequel in the works, nearly two decades after the release of the second film, hopes were high for the return of Mia Thermopolis to the big screen.

Is Princess Diaries 3 shacked?

Reacher and Supergirl writer, Aadrita Mukerji, was rumoured to have been brought on board to craft the screenplay for the anticipated sequel. However, Andrews, who portrayed Queen Regent Clarisse Renaldi in the previous films, has poured cold water on these speculations. In a recent appearance on the American show Today, she shared that to her knowledge, there are currently no plans in motion for a new Princess Diaries film.



What did Julie Andrews say about Princess Diaries 3?

Expressing caution about revisiting the franchise, Andrews shared, "It’s quite a long time now since the two Diaries were done, and I’m not sure, but sometimes it’s best to leave a good thing alone. I don’t like it when people milk and milk and milk the subject, you know, ‘til it’s dead."

While acknowledging that there had been "dialogue" surrounding the possibility of a third movie, Andrews revealed that "nothing had been realised" and suggested that the project may have been shelved. She quoted, "I think I may be wrong, but I think it’s been shelved now – I can’t be sure."




Fans of the series had hoped for a continuation of Mia Thermopolis's story rather than a reboot, in line with Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries novels, upon which the films are based. Yet, it seems that these aspirations may have been dashed for the time being. Despite this setback, the door may not be entirely closed on the franchise's future, leaving room for optimism among die-hard enthusiasts.


Published March 19th, 2024 at 17:23 IST