Updated February 20th, 2024 at 23:01 IST

Dhruva Sarja And Martin Crew Survive Mid-air Crisis, Actor Says 'It Feels Like Re-birth'

Kannada actor Dhruva Sarja who was recently on a flight with the team Martin survived an unfortunate mid-air crisis.

Team of Martin | Image:Instagram/vaibhavishandilya

An unfortunate experience caught the team of the Kannada film Martin as they encountered distress mid-air en route to Kashmir for a song shoot. Lead actors Dhruva Sarja and Vaibhavi Shandilya, director AP Arjun, and choreographer Imran Sardhariya, among others, were onboard during this unsettling ordeal.

How did Dhruva Sarja react to the mid-air crisis?

Expressing relief, Dhruva shared, "Worst experience we’ve ever had. We are safe and thank God," with Arjun echoing gratitude towards the pilot. Reflecting on the incident, Dhruva described it as a "rebirth," while Vaibhavi told OTT Play, “Thank you for your concern about our well-being. We are doing fine.”

What more do we know about Martin?

The film Martin which is being produced by Uday K Mehta has faced persistent delays, disrupting its intended September 2022 release. Despite commencing pending shoots, the project remains incomplete and has already missed its anticipated clash with Kantara and Ponniyin Selvan. Dhruva is also preparing for his next venture KD – The Devil with director Prem and KVN Productions for which he had to shed the muscle mass he acquired for Martin.


What is the reason for the delay in Dhruva Sarja’s Martin?

Amid speculation of a rift with producer Uday Mehta, Dhruva dismissed rumours during his birthday celebration last October. Industry insiders hinted at financial strain due to the film's prolonged production. Director Arjun cited the necessity of completing songs before announcing a release date. With filming underway, Martin might have a potential first-half 2024 release.


Initially conceived as a high-budget production, Martin has undergone significant financial expansion since its inception, primarily attributed to escalating interest payments due to persistent delays. Presently, the film's budget stands at a staggering Rs 100 crore, posing a challenge for the team in terms of returns. 

While Uday aims to secure additional revenue through post-theatrical rights and audio sales, estimated at around 50 crores, the remaining funds must be generated through theatrical releases. The true test of their fiscal strategy will unfold upon the eventual release of Martin in cinemas.


Published February 20th, 2024 at 23:01 IST