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Know THIS veteran actress who was once dating Dev Anand left Bollywood so early

Actress Zaheeda Hussain's brief yet notable Bollywood career, linked to Dev Anand, transitioned to a quieter life following marriage.

Zaheeda Hussain | Image:IMDb

Zaheeda Hussain who is a veteran Hindi film actress, enjoyed initial success but eventually faded from Bollywood's limelight. Despite her brief stint, her impact remains embedded in the memories of cinema enthusiasts, particularly through her timeless song Churi Nahin Ye Mera Dil Hai.

Zaheeda Hussain made an entrancing debut

Born into a film-oriented family, Zaheeda's entry into Bollywood was through Dev Anand, who offered her pivotal roles in films like Anokhi Raat and Prem Pujari, kickstarting her career in the late 1960s. Her familial connections linked her to Nargis, and her aspiration was to follow in her aunt's footsteps.

Zaheeda Hussain | Image: IMDb

Despite a limited filmography, Zaheeda carved a distinctive niche in cinema. Dev Anand played a pivotal role in launching her Bollywood career, offering Zaheeda her first opportunity. Her debut as a lead actress came in 1968 with Anokhi Raat, followed by the 1970 film Prem Pujari, where she shared the screen with Dev Anand.


Coming from a film-oriented family, Zaheeda harboured aspirations of emulating her aunt Nargis and grandmother Jaddanbai. Her dream materialised in 1971 when director Amarjeet cast her as the lead actress in the film Gambler.

Career shift and personal life

After successful collaborations with Dev Anand, Zaheeda faced a career slowdown. She made a significant personal decision by marrying businessman Kesri Nandan Sahay, subsequently stepping away from her acting career to focus on her family life. Her choice marked the end of an era for the actress, who gracefully transitioned into the role of a homemaker.

Zaheeda Hussain's story reflects the transient nature of fame and the choices made beyond the arc lights of Bollywood, emphasizing her significant but fleeting presence in the industry.


Published December 23rd, 2023 at 22:54 IST