Updated June 6th, 2024 at 09:43 IST

BTS' J-Hope Secures Top Military Award After Competing With 170 Soliders And Civilians

BTS's rapper and main dancer J-Hope enlisted in the military in April 2023 and is expected to be discharged in October.

J-Hope | Image:uarmyhope/Instagram

After over a year in the military, BTS member J-Hope delighted fans by winning a prestigious award in an army competition. The “Strong Warrior, Army! Presentation Contest,” which included 170 participants comprising soldiers and civilian employees, saw J-Hope delivering a speech on his pride in serving the Korean military, ultimately winning the contest. His speech video is widely circulating on social media.

J-Hope reflects on his military experience

The Korea Herald quoted J-Hope reflecting on his military experience: “In the Army, I discovered videos and photos of BTS used in educational materials to help conscripts stay focused. When conscripts complete their boot camp and prepare for deployment, they often express how honored they are to have spent time with me. It made me realize I am taking a significant step alongside those who will play a crucial role in Korea’s security.”

He further expressed, “My life feels very meaningful and rewarding these days. Just as the blood, sweat, and tears I shed on stage contributed to the development of Korean culture, I now feel that I am contributing to Korea in a different capacity as a soldier. At present, I am Sergeant Jung Ho-seok, not J-Hope of BTS. I am here to protect Korea, and I take immense pride in serving as a Korean soldier.”

When will J-Hope get discharged from his military services?

J-Hope enlisted in the military in April 2023 and is expected to be discharged in October. Meanwhile, the other members of BTS are also enlisted in the army and serving their duties.


Published June 6th, 2024 at 09:43 IST