Updated April 29th, 2024 at 17:26 IST

Korean Rapper Sik-K Surrenders To Police Over Drug Use, Issues Statement

It was reported in January that a rapper had turned himself to the authorities over drug use. The artist has now been revealed to be Sik-K.

Sik-K | Image:Instagram

Sik-K, known for making hits like Iffy, Giddy Up and more, has voluntarily surrendered to the South Korean police over illegal drug use. It was reported in January that a rapper had turned himself in to the authorities due to his connection with the case. The rapper, previously not identified, has now been revealed to be Sik-K. 

Sik-K issues statement over drug use

On April 29, TenAsia released a report revealing that the rapper in his 30s who handed himself to the authorities in January after consuming drugs, was none other than Sik-K. Since the case was still being investigated before an indictment was made, the identity of the person who turned themselves in at that time was kept secret. The news article also mentioned that a test result done by the National Forensic Service during the police inquiry showed positive results for marijuana.


Clearing the air around these rumours, Sik-K’s legal representative issued a statement on the same day. They clarified that the rapper was not under the influence of drugs and had just been released from the hospital after a shoulder rotator cuff injury. It was said that his incoherent speech was caused by sleeplessness and he willingly surrendered himself for marijuana use and possession.

The statement read, “Sik-K did not go to the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul under the influence. His behaviour while attending the police was not due to taking drugs but was due to delirium after surgery. Sik-K has surrendered to charges of simple possession of marijuana and smoking and is admitting to these charges. No Philopon (a form of methamphetamine) component was detected in Sik-K’s hair test results submitted during the investigation.”



Drug controversy’s potential consequence on Sik-K’s career

After leaving H1GHR MUSIC, Sik-K started his own record label in 2023 under the name KC, which is an acronym for "Kwon Min Shik's Company" and is based on his real name. Sik-K has been active and hasn't taken a hiatus over the drug controversy as of now. After releasing his mini-album 3=1 on February 21, he is now due to play at the HIPHOPPLAYA FESTIVAL on May 4. However, given his recent involvement in the drug case, could perhaps affect the show’s line-up. 



Published April 29th, 2024 at 17:26 IST