Published 19:07 IST, April 16th 2024

Le Sserafim Sakura Reacts To Group’s Criticism After Coachella Performance: No One Is Perfect…

Reacting to the criticism for their Coachella performance, Le Sserafim member Sakura penned a long note emphasising that she was satisfied with it.

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Le Sserafim Sakura | Image: Instagram

The K-pop group Le Sserafim made their Coachella Music Festival debut on April 13 and performed a set of their songs. While their fans were left impressed with the show put on by the band, netizens slammed the girls for their “weak vocals”. Reacting to the criticism, Le Sserafim member Sakura penned a long note on social media emphasising that she was satisfied with the group’s performance. 

Sakura refuses to take accountability for ‘weak vocals’ at Coachella performance

The internet community expressed displeasure with Le Sserafim's vocal delivery after their Coachella performance, citing it as below par for such a prestigious venue. Despite criticism, Sakura defended the group's efforts and dedication to giving it their all on the Coachella stage. The singer highlighted the group's progress and tenacity throughout their trip, emphasizing the value of accepting mistakes and taking lessons from setbacks.



She wrote, “We, who debuted less than two years ago and have only toured once, stood proudly on the Coachella stage, enjoyed ourselves, and gave our all to this performance. I seriously prepared for this stage, struggled through it, and enjoyed it. On the day of the show, I believe I was able to show everything. To some eyes, it might appear immature, but no one is perfect for everyone, and it is an undeniable fact that, among all the stages we have shown, this was the best. That’s why I’m very excited to become a better team, and I really want to work even harder.”


Sakura on comparison with other K-pop groups

She also addressed the comparisons made between Le Sserafim and other K-pop artists, advising fans to put more emphasis on their own development than on emulating other artists. She underlined the value of self-belief and expressed her appreciation to the Coachella audience and fans for their support.



Sakura penned, “What you gain by comparing yourself with others, and what you gain by comparing yourself with your past self, are entirely different. Please, even if just living normally is hard, find something you truly love in this difficult world, and focus only on the good, the things you like. Focusing only on the good is not indulgence — it’s your life, and you have the right to live it the way you want.”









19:07 IST, April 16th 2024