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Park Seo Joon birthday: Dream High 2 to Gyeongseong Creature, a look at actor's decade-long career

Park Seo Joon turned a year older on December 16. Let's take a look at the roles that have defined his career and contributed to his widespread acclaim.

Park Seo Joon character poster | Image:The Marvels/X

Park Seo Joon turned a year older on December 16. From his humble beginnings to becoming a global star, Seo Joon's journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. On this special occasion, let's take a look at the roles that have defined his career and contributed to his widespread acclaim.

Dream High 2

Park Seo Joon's acting journey began over a decade ago, sparked by his involvement in an animation club during middle school. His passion led him to study in the Acting Department at Seoul Institute of the Arts. In Dream High 2 (2012), he portrayed Siwoo, a charismatic member of the idol group Eden, showcasing a blend of confidence and vulnerability.

Kill Me, Heal Me

In Kill Me, Heal Me, Seo Joon portrayed Oh Rion, a character delving into investigations while balancing a dynamic relationship with his twin sister. His multifaceted persona added layers to the series' exploration of identity, trauma, and intricate bonds.

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Taking on the role of Moo Myung/Kim Sun Woo/Kim Isabu/Dog-bird in Hwarang, Seo Joon portrayed a young man of humble origins transcending societal barriers to become a legendary Hwarang warrior. His portrayal brought depth and emotion to the character's journey.

Fight For My Way

As Ko Dongman in Fight For My Way, Seo Joon portrayed a former taekwondo sensation turned mixed martial arts fighter. The series revolves around Dongman's journey from a celebrated athlete to an underdog fighting for triumph, adding layers to Seo Joon's portrayal.

Midnight Runners

In Midnight Runners, Seo Joon played Park Ki Joon, a spirited and impulsive student at the Korean National Police University. His character's bold nature leads to an intense investigation, showcasing Seo Joon's versatility in portraying different facets of his roles.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Seo Joon took on the role of Lee Young Joon in What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, portraying the charismatic vice-chairman of a major corporation. His portrayal captured the complex persona of Young Joon, blending charm and vulnerability amidst unfolding mysteries.

Itaewon Class

As Park Sae Royi in Itaewon Class, Seo Joon embodied a determined individual seeking justice and success after personal tragedy. His portrayal showcased Sae Royi's journey from seeking vengeance to a resilient entrepreneur challenging the establishment.

Concrete Utopia

In Concrete Utopia, Seo Joon portrayed Min Seong, a civil servant in the Imperial Palace Apartments. His adaptability, resilience, and dedication contribute to maintaining order amidst chaos, showcasing Seo Joon's ability to portray characters in diverse settings.

The Marvels

Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Seo Joon played Prince Yan in The Marvels. His character adds depth to the narrative as an ally to Captain Marvel.

Gyeongseong Creature

In Gyeongseong Creature, Seo Joon takes on the role of Jang Tae Sang, a figure of influence in the city's renowned pawn shop. Amid Japanese colonisation, his character becomes a pivotal force in the battle against a mysterious creature born from human greed.


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