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Queen Of Tears Star Kim Soo-hyun Gives His Father's Wedding A Miss - Here's Why

Kim Chung Hoon married his longtime partner An in Gangnam, Seoul. He was the lead vocalist of the band named Seven Dolphins.

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South Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun's father Kim Chung Hoon recently got married to his longtime beau An. The couple had an intimate ceremony in Seoul. However, Queen Of Tears star Kim Soo-hyun gave his father's wedding a miss.

Why did Kim Soo-hyun not attend his father's wedding ceremony?

Kim Chung Hoon married his partner An in Gangnam Seoul. Chung-hoon was the lead vocalist of the band named Seven Dolphins. The wedding ceremony was attended by his close friends. However, his son, Kim Soo-hyun was absent from the event. It has been reported by the Korean media that he did not wish to burden the newly married couple as they wanted a quiet wedding.

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According to the South Korean news outlet The Fact, Kim Chung Hoon expressed his gratitude to An during their wedding and said, “[I am] grateful for An, who stood by my side even when [I] was nobody." Kim Chung Hoon's close friends attended the wedding, which was hosted by broadcaster Jo Young Gu and featured veteran trot singer Kim Bum Ryong singing the congratulatory song. AllKPop reported that Kim Soo-hyun became distant after his father divorced his mother. However, his father tried to connect with him after he got discharged from military in 2019.

A file photo of Kim Soo-hyun | Image: X


What more do we know about Kim Soo-hyun?

Kim Soo-hyun's show Queen of Tears is currently streaming on Netflix and has shattered several records. The show also features Kim Ji-won. The web series has earned a rating of 20.7 percent, as per Nielsen Korea data. With this, the K-drama has become the second highest rated show in the history of tvN. Meanwhile, the show titled Crash Landing on You, featuring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, is still the highest rated show with a rating of 21.7 percent. 


Published April 15th, 2024 at 20:30 IST