Updated March 10th, 2024 at 22:43 IST

Oscar-winning Composer AR Rahman Says He Assumed Roja Would Be His First And Last Film Album

Oscar-winning Composer AR Rahman recently looked back on his musical career and revealed that he thought Roja would be his first and last film album.

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Renowned music composer AR Rahman is eagerly anticipating the release of his long-awaited Malayalam movie, Aadujeevitham. As he promotes the film, Rahman takes a moment to reflect on his illustrious career and addresses some lesser-known aspects of his journey.

Rahman talks about his first film album

In a recent interview with Manorama News, Rahman talked about his humble beginnings and recalled his initial thoughts after composing his first film, Roja. "I thought my first film, 'Roja,' would be my last film; after that, I would go back to doing jingles and albums again. But the love I received was so huge that I found I had to evolve in many things," Rahman revealed.



The transformation of AR Rahman

Known for his reserved demeanour during the early days of his career, Rahman underwent a remarkable transformation as he ascended to become one of the world's most prominent music composers. Initially characterised by his timid personality, journalists struggled to interview him. However, Rahman's evolution saw him embracing a more outgoing persona which was driven by his desire to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

He said, "I realised I could not hide in my shell while performing live for 60,000 people. They are coming out to get an experience, and I want to fulfill their expectations. You see Michael Jackson, Western bands, and Sting – why are we doing this? What is not there in us to show? Mostly, South Indians are shy people, but they are not coming to watch a simple person. They are giving their money, time, and love to watch somebody perform and express themselves.”




Rahman's dedication to his craft extends beyond mere composition, as he occasionally covers the expenses for additional fine-tuning of movies when filmmakers face budget constraints. One such project is Aadujeevitham, which Rahman supported for about eight years, ensuring its completion despite challenges.

Directed by Blessy and starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Aadujeevitham is set to grace cinemas on March 28.


Published March 10th, 2024 at 22:43 IST