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The Goat Life Trailer: Prithviraj Promises The Greatest Survival Adventure In Aadujeevitham

The Goat Life is an adaptation of the 2008 Malayalam novel Aadjeevitham. The film, directed by Blessy, is all set to hit the theatres on March 28.

Aadujeevitham | Image:Twitter

The makers of The Goat Life aka Aadujeevitham shared the trailer of the Prithviraj Sukumaran starrer on March 9. The film, directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Blessy is an adaptation of the best-selling novel Aadujeevitham by Benyamin. The Goat Life is based on a true-life incident.

Aadujeevitham trailer out

The one minute and thirty-three-second trailer provides a basic idea of what to expect from the movie. It provides a glimpse into the mind and body of Prithviraj Sukumaran's Najeeb, as well as the changes the character experiences. Furthermore, the trailer kept repeating the line "Andar se koi bahar na jaa sake" (No one should be able to escape from inside).

The statement sums up both Prithviraj's character's existence in the Middle East and that of the goats he was herding nicely. The cinematography in the trailer was superb and had vivid colors as well. A fresh dimension of life was also added to the movie by the sound design and soundtrack. 


Aadujeevitham was in production for 5 years

The film has been in the planning and development stage for many years. Director Blessy reportedly wanted to buy the adaptation rights in 2009 and begin the production right away. However, due to budget constraints, Aadujeevitham went into production planning only in 2015. 


The Goat Life is reportedly mounted on a massive scale, shot at various locations across the globe over several years. The film’s shooting took place from early 2018 to 2022 in five separate shoot schedules in various parts of the world, like Jordan, Algeria, The Sahara and the deserts of Wadi Rum, Jordan. Some scenes were shot in Kerala as well. The Aadujeevitham team was also stuck in Jordan for over 2 months when the COVID pandemic struck in 2020. 

Aadujeevitham is an international co-production, being produced by  Visual Romance Image Makers, Jet Media Production and Alta Global Media. 




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