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Totally Viral/ Malayalam Actress Lena, Gaganyaan Astronaut Prasanth Nair's Wedding Reception Video Goes Viral

In the viral video, Gaganyaan Astronaut Prashanth Balakrishnan Nair can be heard expressing his thoughts about his marriage to Malayalam actress Lena.

Lena with husband Prashanth Nair. | Image:Chef Pillai/Instagram

Lena confirmed her wedding to Prashanth Balakrishnan Nair, Captain of India's Gaganyaan Mission, recently. Now, chef Suresh Pillai, who seemingly shares a great bond with the couple, posted a video on his social media handle from their wedding reception to congratulate them. In the video, Nair referred to their wedding as a second inning for both of them.

Inside Lena and to Prashanth Balakrishnan Nair's post-wedding celebrations

Taking to his Instagram, Pillai shared a video, in which Nair can be heard expressing his thoughts about his marriage to Lena. He started by thanking the people present during their "great moments" and added, "This marks the beginning of a second innings for both of us."

(A screengrab from the video | Image: Instagram)

"Yet, with all of you gathered here today, it feels like the beginning of a lifetime innings. Much love," concluded. The couple then shared a warm hug and kissed each other.


Sharing the video, Pillai captioned it as "Congratulations Dear Lena and Prasanth Nair."


What do we know about Lena and Prashanth Balakrishnan Nair's wedding?

The couple got married this year on January 17 but kept it secret seemingly owing to Nair's recent project. Prime Minister, a few days ago, unveiled the names of four astronauts, which included Group Captain Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair. The other three astronauts are - Group Captains Angad Pratap, Ajit Krishnan, and Wing Commander Shubhanshu Shukla.


Taking to her Instagram handle, the actress shared a video offering a glimpse of her wedding and revealed that they got married in a traditional ceremony through an arranged marriage. In the caption, she wrote a heartfelt note that reads, "Today, 27 February 2024, our Prime Minister, Modi ji Awarded the First Indian Astronaut Wings to Indian Air Force Fighter Pilot, Group Captain Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair. It is a historic moment of pride for our Country, our state of Kerala and Me personally. In order to maintain the officially required confidentiality, I was waiting for this announcement to let you know that I got married to Prasanth on 17 January 2024 in a traditional ceremony through an arranged marriage.


Previously, Lena was married to Abhilash Kumar in 2004, but the two parted ways in 2013.


Published March 1st, 2024 at 09:29 IST