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It's controversial/ Anjali Arora Files Defamation Case In MMS Controversy, Morphed Video Under Investigation: Report

Anjali Arora's fake MMS video is reportedly under investigation. The social media influencer has now filed a case.

Anjali Arora | Image:IMDb

Anjali Arora has filed a defamation case against multiple publishing houses and YouTube influencers for allegedly tarnishing her reputation on social media, according to reports. A fake or morphed video of the social media influencer was widely circulated on social media. Now, an FIR has been reportedly filed in the same matter.

What do we know about Anjali Arora's MMS controversy?

According to reports, a "morphed" video/MMS of Anjali from the time when she participated in the reality show Lock Upp was being circulated on social media. After one of the family members Anjali found a porn video of her online, the reality show star took action against the same.

Reportedly, in the video, Anjali's face was morphed into that of a "naked girl".


All this happened when she was part of a reality show Lock Upp, hosted by popular Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut.


The FIR filed by Anjali mentioned all of the above information and cited her participation in the show as her reason for the delay in taking legal action against the morphed video and its makers.

Currently, the case and the video is under investigation.

Who is Anjali Arora?

Anjali Arora is a social media influencer, who gained overnight fame after a video of her dancing to viral song Kacha Badam went viral.

Anjali, who has over 13 million followers on Instagram, later participated in the reality show Lock Upp, produced by Ekta Kapoor which also featured Munawar Faruqui among others.



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