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Poacher Actor Roshan Mathew Had Disagreements With Director Richie Mehta Over Malayalam Dialogues

Roshan Mathew said since Poacher is rooted in his home state of Kerala, he and other actors and Richie Mehta held long discussions on use of certain dialogues.

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Roshan Mathew is currently basking in the success of his recently released web series Poacher. Produced by Alia Bhatt, the series is earning rave reviews from critics and audiences. The series, set in Kerala, revolves around a group of Indian Forest Service officers, NGO workers, police constables, and Good Samaritans who risk their lives trying to track down the biggest elephant ivory poachers in the history of India and bring them to justice.

Now, Poacher actor Roshan Mathew, in a recent interview, revealed he had disagreements with director Richie Mehta over Malayalam dialogues.

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We had intense sessions where we were debating: Roshan Mathew

Speaking to PTI, Mathew, who plays the role of a wildlife warrior, said since the story is rooted in his home state of Kerala, he and other actors and Mehta held long discussions on the use of certain dialogues. "We had intense sessions where we were debating Richie (Mehta). He would ask, ‘Why are Malayalam words so long? The English lines are this much and in Malayalam, it is like three more pages’,” Mathew recalled.

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“Richie would say, ‘I've written in English, and here is the Google translation’ and we'd be like, 'No, sorry, we can't use it'. Richie would say, ‘Why?’ And we would tell him that people don't use that word anymore. It was used by the kings long ago," Mathew added.

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Roshan Mathew credits Darlings for helping him land better projects

In the same segment, the actor credited Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah's 2022 film Darlings for shaping his career. "The best thing that an actor can ask for is that you are considered for projects and that projects are offered to you. You're in a position to pick and choose. I'll never have enough of that and will always be greedy. So, I'm very thankful for how ‘Darlings’ has contributed to that. I did 'Poacher' right after that," Mathew told PTI in an interview.


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