Updated April 21st, 2024 at 12:05 IST

Tanishaa Mukerji Slams OTT Filmmakers For 'Only Working' With Bollywood Stars

Talking about her recent project Luv You Shankar, Tanishaa Mukerji said while it's a beautiful film it would have never gotten a chance to release on OTT.

Tanishaa Mukerji | Image:Instagram

Tanishaa Mukerji starrer Luv You Shankar made its theatrical debut on April 19, 2024, and is currently enjoying a decent run at the box office. Talking about the project, the actress said while it's a beautiful film it would have never gotten a chance to release on OTT. She added that OTT content makers are only interested in working with big names in the industry.  

Tanishaa Mukerji on OTT opportunities 

In a conversation with Free Press Journal, Tanishaa talked about the lack of opportunities for small-time actors even in the OTT space. The actress said, “I have an opposing view on OTT. I am only seeing similar faces out there. Filmmakers are working with similar female actors. They want a star to come in and lead the project. You won’t see films like O My Friend Ganesha shine on OTT as much because they didn’t have popular faces. It is soon to become television.” 



Tanishaa’s recent film Luv You Shankar is a touching story about an eight-year-old boy, who lived in the holy city of Banaras, and his bond with Lord Shiva. The film has been dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada in addition to being released in Hindi. Families and fans of animation are expected to have a great cinematic experience with the film.


Tanishaa Mukerji on comparisons with her sister Kajol

After making her debut in the 2003 film Sssshhh…, Tanishaa appeared in several films but failed to establish a strong foothold in the Hindi film industry. On the other hand, her sister Kajol became one of the biggest names in the industry. Addressing the comparison between the two sisters, Tanishaa acknowledged that her sibling and her husband (Ajay Devgn) are bigger stars than her. 




The actress said, “It is because my definition of a star is work and the two have done phenomenal work. They have got the impact on screen and that’s why they are where they are. This humility comes from my actress-mother Tanuja, but I won’t say I am humble, I just have a very realistic view of it. I am a very spiritual person too.”


Published April 21st, 2024 at 12:05 IST