Updated March 3rd, 2024 at 21:25 IST

Euphoria Actor Colman Domingo Reveals Reason Behind Delay In Season 3 Of Zendaya Starrer

The reason for the extended delay of Euphoria Season 3 was disclosed by actor Colman Domingo. He plays the role of Ali, a former heroin addict in the show.

A file photo of Colman Domingo | Image:IMDb

Since Euphoria season 2's last episode aired more than two years ago, viewers have been eagerly awaiting for the release of the next season. The reason for the extended delay was disclosed by actor Colman Domingo in a recent interview. He plays the role of Ali, a former heroin addict who also serves as Zendaya's mentor and sponsor, in the show. 

Colman Domingo on Euphoria Season 3

In a conversation with GQ, Domingo shed the light on the reason behind Euphoria Season 3’s delayed debut. The actor revealed that director Sam Levinson keeps writing and re-writing stuff resulting in the production being halted. 

The actor said, “[Sam is] a person who writes and rewrites and writes and rewrites again, because I think he’s wrestling with what’s important. He’s responding immediately to what the ills of the world are.”


Multiple delays in Euphoria Season 3 production 

Along the road, Euphoria Season 3 has run into a number of problems. Levinson had spent the majority of the previous two seasons concentrating on his other show, The Idol, which starred The Weeknd. With a 41% audience rating and a 19% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, the contentious play didn't achieve the popularity he had hoped for.



Furthermore, the performers and writers were unable to begin work on Season 3 due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes that lasted for the majority of 2023. Production was originally scheduled to begin in early 2023 and be released in late 2023. The remaining cast members had other commitments that might have conflicted with a fresh start to production, so it wasn't feasible. Additionally, several remarks about Levinson's improper actions on set have been made.


Published March 3rd, 2024 at 21:25 IST