Updated February 26th, 2024 at 20:10 IST

Ranneeti: Lara Dutta, Jimmy Shergill Announce New Series Based On 2019 Balakot Airstrike

On the Balakot airstrikes' 5th anniversary, Lara Dutta and Jimmy Shergill announced starring in a series inspired by the historic incident titled Ranneeti.

Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond | Image:X

Actors Lara Dutta and Jimmy Shergill are set to appear in a new series titled Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond directed by Santosh Singh. Alongside Dutta and Shergill, the show boasts a cast including Ashutosh Rana, Ashish Vidyarthi, Prasanna, and others. The announcement was made on the 5th anniversary of Balakot Airstrikes, the incident on which the series is based.

Lara Dutta shared a preview of Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond

Lara Dutta took to her Instagram account on Monday to share a preview of the upcoming series. The preview offers viewers a glimpse into the story's exploration of the complexity surrounding the Balakot operation and sheds light on lesser-known aspects, strategies, and challenges.



What did Jimmy Shergill say about Ranneeti?

In a statement, Jimmy Shergill expressed his sentiments about the series, reflecting on the significance of the Balakot airstrike and its enduring impact on the nation. He said, “5 years ago on 14th February, our brave hearts at Pulwama gave the supreme sacrifice on the line of duty. While we will never forget the sacrifice of our martyrs, we couldn't stop beaming with pride when for the first we watched our country fight back! Being a part of this series has only heightened my respect for the jawans as I relived a defining moment in our country's history.”


For the unversed, the Balakot airstrikes, carried out by the Indian Air Force (IAF), occurred five years ago in retaliation to the Pulwama attack on February 14. The show delves into the events surrounding this historic moment.



What did Lara Dutta say about Ranneeti?

Coming from a background in the armed forces, Lara Dutta shared her perspective on the significance of the Balakot airstrike. She said, "The martyrs of Pulwama made the ultimate sacrifice 5 years ago, however the Balakot air strike filled us with national pride. On the anniversary of this historic defence operation, this sneak peek aims to honour every soldier, with or without uniform, who reshaped our nation's defence narrative."

Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond is set to premiere on JioCinema soon.


Published February 26th, 2024 at 20:10 IST