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Raveena Tandon Teases New Seasons Of Latest Web Show Karmma Calling

Raveena Tandon has opened up about the possibilities of a sequel to the web series Karmma Calling. She said that there might be other seasons if all goes well.

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Raveena Tandon headlines the recent show Karmma Calling. The series debuted on January 26 and also stars Varun Sood and Namrata Sheth. Even though the mystery-thriller ended on a cliffhanger, there is no announcement of a sequel to the same yet. In a new interview, the actress has opened up on the possibility of a sequel to the show. 

Raveena Tandon says Karmaa Calling sequels are a possibility 

Raveena Tandon is unclear about when season two of Aranyak would premiere, but said if all goes well Karmma Calling would return for another couple of chapters with a deeper dive into the film industry of the '90s.

"Later on in the series, when you hopefully will watch seasons two and three, there are a lot of instances where you'll get to know that this really happens to actors and actresses in our industry. That's where you will feel that there is that bit of reality infused into fiction," she added. In Karmma Calling, Tandon's Indrani is introduced to the viewers as this ice queen ruling the coastal town of Alibaug near Mumbai. Based on the popular 2011 American series Revenge, the Hindi series sees Indrani cross paths with a woman named Karma (Namrata Sheth) who seems to be hiding a secret.

Raveena Tandon draws similarities between her character in Karmma Calling and Bollywood 

Defining her character as "almost villain-esque" but with many layers left to be discovered, Tandon said the similarities between her and Indrani end at them being Bollywood divas from the '90s era. "Indrani Kothari is a '90s diva but she retired. She's only a socialite. In real life, I'm very different. I started in the '90s but I'm still doing great work and very much around. It's not like I've given up work and I'm only attending parties.

"She and I live in completely different worlds. She is someone who has been victimised according to circumstances. She has let herself into a trap. And I'm someone, who if I don't want to do something, no one on this planet can make me do it." The actor is also excited about her daughter Rasha Thadani's acting debut. According to reports, newcomers Rasha and Aaman Devgan (Ajay Devgn's nephew) are set to star in an Abhishek Kapoor film. 
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Published February 3rd, 2024 at 17:46 IST