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The Summer I Turned Pretty star Christopher Briney calls show's plot 'ridiculous, unreal'

The Summer I Turned Pretty is renewed for its third season. The film stars Christopher Briney, Lola Tung and Gavin Casalegno.

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Christopher Briney is all set to reprise his role as Conrad Fisher in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 3.  Recently, the actor opened up about his take on the plotline of the series. He also poked fun at the heightened expectations it sets for romance.

Christopher Briney's take on TSITP's storyline

In an interview with InStyle, Christopher Briney said the storyline is based on "all unreal expectations" and called it "ridiculous". The actor jokingly said, "Let's face it. Falling in love with your mom's friend's kids every summer at the beach? It's all pretty unreal, right? Don't expect Stanford applications and epic love triangles to be your typical summer routine."

Briney's playful teasing extends to his character, Conrad, and his college aspirations. "Stanford might be a stretch," he joked, "but hey, maybe Conrad's got a hidden talent for sandcastle building!"


What do we know about The Summer I Turned Pretty?

The Summer I Turned Pretty thrives on its escapism, offering viewers a sun-drenched world where teenage anxieties and desires unfold against a backdrop of coastal bliss. This coming-of-age series, which has elements of self-discovery, friendship, first love, heartbreaks and overarching reality, has been renewed for a third season after the success of the first and second one.

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Author Jenny Han, on whose book trilogy the web series is based, along with lead actress of the show -- Lola Tung, has opened up about the magical sets of the series that has become a talking point among audiences across the globe.

Lola Tung, the lead actress essaying the role of Belly in the show, recalled a moment when the set's realism surprised her. "I remember walking around the set one day, and I stumbled across this music box. I opened it and didn't expect anything really, and it just started playing this beautiful music. I thought this was such a special little detail. We never see this music box, but it's there and it adds to the feeling that the house is lived in... it's very magical."


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Published January 11th, 2024 at 17:15 IST