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Arjun Das To Reprise His Role In Lokesh Kanagaraj's Kaithi 2? Actor Responds

Actor Arjun Das at a press event recently talked about reprising his character in the upcoming sequel of LCU's Kaithi.

Arjun Das in Kaithi | Image:IMDb

Actor Arjun Das who is primarily known for his unique voice is all set to make his Bollywood debut soon. He will be soon seen in the Tamil-Hindi bilingual film Por or Dange, directed by Bijoy Nambiar. Scheduled for a theatrical release on March 1, the movie explores the complexities of friendship and enmity.

Por also stars Arjun Das, Kalidas Jayaram, Harshavardhan Rane and Ehan Bhat.



Por or Dange poster | Image: X


Will Arjun Das be reprising his character in Kaithi 2?

In a recent promotional interview for Por, Arjun expressed eagerness about the possibility of reprising his role in Kaithi 2. A sequel to the action-packed Kaithi directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, Das played one of the antagonists in it. The Lokesh Cinematic Universe, comprising Kaithi, Vikram, and Leo is reportedly planning a massive expansion of its narrative arc.


Das who played Anbu in Kaithi hinted at a possibility of collaborating once more with director Lokesh Kanagaraj. He said in his native language which can be loosely translated as “Only Lokesh sir can confirm if I'll be in Kaithi 2. It would be great if he could call me. Fortunately, I didn't die in the last film, so I'm hopeful to be part of this one.”



Kanagaraj on the other hand will complete Thalaivar 171 featuring Rajinikanth, first before heading to work on Kaithi 2.

Do you know Lokesh Kanagaraj will soon quit cinema?

He is someone who is riding high with his LCU’s success and once revealed that he’ll not do many movies. Lokesh once told SS Music, “I don’t have plans to do a lot of films in my career. When I entered the industry, I just wanted to try my hand at cinema. I want to do films within LCU only. I want to live up to the expectations of LCU fans. I will do ten films and quit.”


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