Updated March 4th, 2024 at 23:43 IST

GOAT Director Venkat Prabhu Praises Audience for Manjummel Boys’ Great Reception In Tamil Nadu

Venkat Prabhu talked about the Manjummel Boys and its Tamil release and said that it is nice to see a movie break the mold of traditional storytelling.

Venkat Prabhu praises Manjummel Boys | Image:IMDb

Filmmaker Venkat Prabhu recently expressed his delight and respect for the Malayalam film Manjummel Boys' box office triumph in Tamil Nadu by lending his voice to the chorus of acclaim. The movie, which has gained recognition for deviating from traditional narrative techniques, has struck a deep chord with Tamil viewers. Praising the film for crossing the obstacle of language, Venkat also lauded the Tamil audience for being receptive to a Malayalam movie. 

Venkat Prabhu on Manjummel Boys’ success in Tamil Nadu

As per OTTPlay, Venkat talked about the Manjummel Boys and its Tamil release at a promotional event of J Baby and said that it is nice to see a movie break the mold of traditional storytelling and connect with viewers while not having a traditional hero-heroine and a love story. 


The GOAT director said, “We are celebrating Manjummel Boys, and it makes me swell with pride. At a time when films often adhere to routine hero-heroine tropes, this film, centred around a bunch of boys without heroines, is running more successfully than our Tamil films. It makes me very happy to realize that language is not a barrier for Tamil audiences to appreciate good art."

Manjummel Boys to break Rajinikanth’s Lal Salaam record

Manjummel Boys had a good weekend with a good number of scheduled showings in Tamilnadu. The survival thriller was further aided by the absence of any popular Tamil films releasing at the moment. The film will eventually make more than 15 crores in revenue in the state; in the long run, 20 crores is also possible. 


Should this occur, it will eclipse the current 20 crores collection of Rajinikanth’s Lal Salaam. It comes as a shock that a movie with a prolonged cameo by the legendary star will be outperformed by a Malayalam film on its home ground. 



Published March 4th, 2024 at 23:43 IST