Updated April 18th, 2024 at 19:22 IST

Kamal Haasan Kept Changing Script Every Week: Producer Lingusamy On Uttama Villain Failure

Lingusamy explained in detail what went wrong with Uttama Villain. He said that he incurred huge losses because of Kamal Haasan.

Uttama Villain still | Image:IMDb

Lingusamy, the director-producer who bankrolled Kamal Haasan's Uttama Villain, admitted that the film dragged him into financial trouble. He explained the reason for the failure, revealing that Kamal Haasan changed the script every week. In a statement, he also dismissed rumours that Uttama Villain would be a profitable venture for his Thirrupathi Brothers banner.

Lingusamy opens up about Uttama Villain failure

During an interview with Chithra Lakshmanan for the YouTube channel Touring Talkies, Lingusamy explained in detail what went wrong with Uttama Villain. He said that the film incurred huge losses because of Kamal Haasan. He said, "To compensate, Kamal Haasan promised that he would do a film on a budget of Rs 30 crore. It was a written agreement. I was completely involved in 'Uttama Villain' and backed it. We wanted a film like 'Devar Magan' and 'Apoorva Sagodharargal'. Kamal sir narrated a story about a man rescuing his brother, which was to be played by Siddharth."

"But, the problem with him is that he kept changing the script every week. He had done that several times before, and it worked for him. Since I am the producer, it was difficult for me. As an artist, he is exceptional," he continued. Lingusamy also revealed that Kamal Haasan would not interfere in the making of the film, but would keep suggesting corrections.

Thirrupathi Brothers issue a statement

On April 17, Thirrupathi Brothers on their X handle, put out a statement refuting the claim of a YouTube channel, Valaipechu. The statement read, "A false claim about Lingusamy saying Uttama Villain was a profitable film was made on YouTube channel, Valaipechu. This is highly condemnable. We request everyone not to spread false information on the internet."

Uttama Villain is a comedy drama written by Kamal Haasan and directed by Ramesh Aravind. It tells the story of an actor who is counting down the days until he dies from a brain tumour. He then contacts his mentor to direct his final film and addresses his personal issues.


Published April 18th, 2024 at 19:22 IST