Updated February 26th, 2024 at 22:46 IST

Suriya's Father Sivakumar Throws Fan's Gift On The Floor At An Event, Faces Massive Backlash

During a recent event, Suriya's Father Sivakumar was captured throwing a fan's gift on the floor and is now facing massive backlash on the internet.

Sivakumar | Image:X

Renowned actor Sivakumar, father of actors Suriya and Karthi, came under scrutiny for his conduct during a book launch event in Chennai. A video captured by ABP Nadu circulated online, unveiling an incident that occurred offstage.

What is the incident that is drawing flak against Sivakumar?

In the footage, Sivakumar arrogantly reacts to a fan's attempt to present him with a gift—a shawl. Despite the fan's friendly approach, Sivakumar snatches the shawl and tosses it aside before departing with his entourage. Despite attempts to return the shawl, he refuses it and leaves the scene.

How did the internet react to Sivakumar’s recent behaviour?

Fans expressed disappointment, labelling the behaviour as 'unacceptable.' One netizen tweeted directly to Suriya, expressing concern over the incident's impact on the family's reputation. He wrote, “@Suriya_offl His actions directly anger others towards you, resulting in a loss of respect for your family. #Sivakumar #Suriya Don’t extend invitations to individuals of this nature for public functions. Just ignore them and withhold respect. #Tamilcinema #Ajithkumar𓃵 #Vijay. (sic)”


This is not the first time Sivakumar has behaved like this

This isn't the first time Sivakumar has attracted attention for his actions. In a similar incident in 2018, he made headlines for knocking a fan's phone out of their hand during a selfie attempt. His subsequent apology acknowledged the public's disapproval where he mentioned the invasion of privacy due to the lack of consent for the photo.




What do we know about Sivakumar?

Sivakumar, a veteran of the industry since the 1960s, has appeared in over 190 films and has diverse roles in his name. Although he reduced his acting commitments in the early 2000s, he remains a prominent figure in the industry, frequently invited to various events.


Published February 26th, 2024 at 22:46 IST