Published 19:31 IST, April 26th 2024

Vijay's Ghilli Sets Box Office Record After Re-Release, Beats Sholay 3D

The dry lull that the Tamil box office appears to have been going through now stands revived. The re-release of Thalapathy Vijay's Ghilli is the primary reason.

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Ghilli | Image: X

Ghilli was re-released in theatres on April 20. The bona fide blockbuster's original theatrical release, dates back to April 17, 2004. While a film of its stature, with Thalapathy Vijay and Trisha Krishnan in the lead, was bound to mint big numbers on its re-release. However, within its first weekend back at the theatres, Ghilli has managed to make its way into the list of the highest-grossing re-releases in the country.


Ghilli's re-release makes a new record

The Thalapathy Vijay and Trisha Krishnan led Ghilli is the second highest grossing re-release in India for the 21st century and the highest grossing re-release in South India, as per a Pinkvilla report. The same report puts its week 1 collections, globally, at ₹20 crore. The domestic breakup for the same, as per the report, stands at ₹15 crores - this makes the isolated overseas collections ₹5.25 crore.

The fact that the film has crossed the ₹10 crore threshold - doubling it - in one week alone, is what has made it the highest grossing re-release in South India. Speaking in a larger context, the film's ₹20 crore plus collections also makes it the second-highest grossing re-release in the country, only trailing behind the Titanic 3D re-release from 2012. Ghilli, with its re-release has already overtaken the earnings of Sholay 3D which re-released theatrically back in 2013.


How has Ghilli been faring in Tamil Nadu alone?

As per the same Pinkvilla report, Ghilli's box office collections in the state of Tamil Nadu, over six days, currently stand at ₹13.50 crores. Interestingly, this is at par with the Rajinikanth starrer Lal Salaam's collections over its first six days in the theatres. Ghilli's box office numbers through the week have largely remained steady, barely registering a drop.


The film has also retained a surprisingly high number of screens for its second week in theatres, much higher than one would anticipate for a re-release. Ghilli's re-release appears to be eyeing a lifetime collection of ₹20 to ₹25 crores in the state of Tamil Nadu alone - a formidable feat. 

19:31 IST, April 26th 2024