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Vijayakanth Memorial: Chiyaan Vikram Pays Tribute To Captain In Chennai

Chiyaan Vikram attended Vijayakanth's memorial service in Chennai to pay his respects to the Captain. Several other actors also arrived to pay their respects.

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Vijayakanth's memorial service was organised by Nadigar Sangam, officially known as the South Indian Artistes' Association, yesterday to honour Captain's legacy. Several stars including Kamal Haasan, Chiyaan Vikram, Vishal and others were in attendance at the event to pay their respects to Vijayakanth. During the event, actor Chiyaan Vikram looked visibly overwhelmed as he paid tribute to Captain.

Chiyaan Vikram pays his last respects to Captain

Chiyaan Vikram attended memorial service in Chennai to pay his respects to the Captain. The actor was seen paying tribute to Captain with folded hands. He further offered flowers and remembered his time with Vijayakanth. Take a look at the clips below.

Vishal offers help to Vijayakanth's sons

During Vijayakanth's memorial service organised by Nadigar Sangam addressed the crowd after paying his respects to Captain. He further offered his help to Vijayakanth's sons Vijay Prabhakar Alagarswami and Shanmuga Pandian. He said, “I am ready to do any help to make you an emerging actor in Industry, i can act with you, let it be any role. Just let me know what I should do. I am here for you.”

Kamal Haasan gets emotional at Vijayakanth's memorial

Vijayakanth's memorial meet was held at the Kamarajar Arena in Chennai on behalf of the South Indian Actors Association. Recalling his time with Vijayakanth, he said, “When I first met Vijayakanth, he spoke to me the same way he spoke to me even after he became a big star. Vijayaraj and Vijayakanth have seen the difference. He endured many criticisms and insults and came out victorious. He did not harbor any malice for it and was determined not to inflict the insults he had on others. That's a really big deal.”

He further added, "One of the many good qualities I like about him is his righteous anger. I think it has helped the actors' union too. His first film 'Thurattu Idi Mukkam' was a must go film for the film festival. It was his talent that made him a commercial hero. I also played a guest role in his film. He has the courage to talk to people he doesn't even like. Let's emulate that kind of character. At least try to be like him. Good bye Captain."


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