Updated April 28th, 2024 at 15:00 IST

Aly Gony Comes Out In Support Of Krishna Mukherjee On Non-Payment Controversy: ₹39 Lakhs...

Aly Gony has come out in support of his friend and actress Krishna Mukherjee who has accused the makers of Shubh Shagun of nonpayment and mental harassment.

Krishna Mukherjee | Image:Instagram

Aly Gony has lent his support to actress Krishna Mukherjee who has been raising her voice against the non-payment of dues by Shubh Shagun producer Kundan Singh. The actor took to his Instagram account to share a video voicing out his concern in the matter and assuring his fans that he believes Krishna is right and will stand by her. Previously, Krishna also vouched that she has the support of all actors and her friends from the industry in the matter. 

What is the Krishna Mukherjee controversy? 

On April 26, actress Krishna Mukherjee took to her Instagram account to pen a note for the non-payment of dues by the maker of her show Shubh Shagun which also starred Shezada Dhami. The actress also claimed that the crew of the serial locked her inside her makeup room when she voiced her dissent. She claimed to have already taken her matter to the court and that she was mentally harassed apart from suffering financial loss. 



In an interview with Free Press Jounral Krishna responded to Kundan’s claims that he would take legal action against her. She said, “Let him do that. I have every proof that I need. Right from the contract papers to the copy of an FIR, sab hai mere paas. I have so many people who are ready to stand with me and who saw it all. The costume department, and the makeup department. Pearl Grey's assistant was there when this incident happened. She refused to shoot post that incident, held my hand and took me down with her." 

"However, they kept giving me dhamkis and turned abusive. 'Gaadi set se nahi nikalni chaiye,' 'Dekh ab tere paise kaise milenge,' They literally used these words and threatened me”, she added. She recalled meeting the producer at the police station but he did not speak to her. The actress also claims that other actors on the show like Shehzada Dhami, Kajol Srivastava, and Papiya are also ready to support her. 


What did Aly Gony say in the Krishna Mukherjee controversy? 

On April 28, Aly Gony took to his Instagram account to share a video of himself advocating for his friend Krishna. Confirming that the makers did lock the actress in her makeup van, he said, “Krishna made some allegations, and the perpetrator is now posting claiming she’s lying. I know it’s not a lie because Krishna called me when they locked her in the room. She was crying when she called me and Chirag. But we were all shooting and couldn’t help her then.” 




He also shared that the amount the producer owes to Krishna is around ₹39 Lakh and she needs to be paid. He demanded the producer to show receipts of transfers, that he claims to have done. Aly argued, “Irrespective of that, if Kundan is so sure he paid her, I’m sure he must have the bank details. Why not share it? All her friends know how much she has suffered. The amount they need to pay her is not small, it’s ₹39 lakh. She earned that money. You can’t blame the channel too as they always clear the dues. Threaten however much you want, we’re all with her.” Several other celebrities like Uorfi Javed, Ridhima Pandit and Surbhi Chandna have hailed Krishna for coming out with her truth and have promised her their support.




Published April 28th, 2024 at 15:00 IST