Updated February 20th, 2024 at 13:01 IST

Anup Soni Opens Up On Getting Typecasted After Crime Patrol: Taking Time To Change My Image…

Anup Soni recently talked about getting typecasted and how casting agencies offered him similar roles after his 15-year-long stint in Crime Petrol.

Anup Soni | Image:Instagram

Anup Soni, known for his work in both television and movies, is currently starring in the film Mirg. The movie debuted on February 9, 2024, in theaters. In a recent interview, the actor discussed where he stands as an actor and how casting agencies offered him similar roles after he appeared in Crime Patrol for 15 years. 

Anup Soni on being picky with his roles

In a conversation with Free Press Journal, Anup was asked about his stint on  Crime Petrol and how quitting the show affected his career and role choices. The actor stated that after appearing in the series for 15 years directors started seeing him with the same lens for every role resulting in typecasting. 



He said, “The casting agents used to pitch me similar roles. I couldn't fight or argue though. I used to tell them that it is their job to convince the producers that I can pull off different roles. Physical transformation and styling come later. I grew my beard now since I had to reject so many roles and scripts. I quit Crime Patrol in 2019, but since then I have only done Class of 83, Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt, Ltd, Tandav, War Story 1963 and now Mirg alongside four short films.”

Delving further into his career choices post Crime Petrol, Anup added, “Where actors are doing so much work in one year, I did relatively less. It is taking time for me to change my image. It won't happen overnight. I am ready to explore newer roles.” 



What is Mirg about?

Set in the jungles of Himachal, Mirg is a coming-of-age revenge drama. The film explores the journey of one man, Anil, an intelligent yet caged order-following boy. One incident and his attachment to his coworker (Ravi) changes his perspective of everything around him. Tarun Sharma is the director of the film Mirg. It is produced by Rishi Anand, Shwetaabh Singh, and Sharma himself.



Published February 20th, 2024 at 13:01 IST