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Dipika Kakar expresses gratitude as she steps into 2024: This year I became a mother...

Dipika Kakar emphasised the significance of 2023, a year that became the "canvas" for the most "beautiful chapter" of their lives.

Dipika Kakar file photo | Image:Dipika Kakar/Instagram

Dipika Kakar expressed heartfelt gratitude as she stepped into 2024. She also reflected on the profound blessings of 2023. She reminisced about the most beautiful morning of the past year — the first time she and her husband, Shoaib Ibrahim, welcomed their son Ruhaan into the world.

Dipika Kakar pens long note for Shoaib Ibrahim

In her reflective post, Dipika Kakar articulated the indescribable joy of that moment, marking the commencement of their extraordinary journey as parents. She emphasised the significance of 2023, a year that became the "canvas" for the most "beautiful chapter" of their lives. She shared that becoming a mother has allowed her to embrace this phase with wholehearted joy, and she acknowledges the pivotal role of "Ruhaan ke papa", Shoaib Ibrahim, in making this journey possible.

Addressing Shoaib directly, Dipika expressed her gratitude, affirming his exceptional support throughout the crucial phases of pregnancy and motherhood. She lauded him as the "best husband, partner, friend, and the best father" to Ruhaan.

Shoaib Ibrahim's special birthday surprise for Dipika Kakar

Shoaib Ibrahim never misses an opportunity to make his wife Dipika Kakar feel special. In advance, he showered her with gifts. From her favourite pastries to luxurious Gucci stoles and outfits from renowned brands, he bought several gifts for his wife. In a vlog, he shared that he went the extra mile and traveled to South Mumbai to get her favourite stole.

The actor also showcased his thoughtful purchases, and Dipika praised his choices. Her mother and father-in-law were also present. Dipika's sister-in-law, Saba, joined in the celebrations and shared a throwback picture of herself posing with the actress during her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Shoaib has temporarily paused his work commitments and will resume shooting after Dipika's birthday and their son's first vaccination.


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