Updated April 19th, 2024 at 17:18 IST

Erica Fernandes Shares Her Scary Experience As Dubai Gets Engulfed In Floods

Erica Fernandes, who recently relocated to Dubai, shared her experience with the flooding there and described the abrupt changes in the weather.

Erica Fernandes file photo | Image:Erica Fernandes/Instagram

Erica Fernandes, known for being part of television shows like Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke and Kasauti Zindagi Ki, currently resides in Dubai. The actress shifted base permanently from Mumbai not too long ago. Dubai recently went through an unexpected and devastating flood causing loss of lives and property. The actress shared her own experience with the natural disaster and described the abrupt changes in the weather. 

Erica Fernandes shares her experience of Dubai floods

Recently relocated to Dubai, Erica shared an in-depth piece on the devastating experience of the recent thunderstorms in the city. The actress wrote a statement of appreciation to those who had shown concern for her and detailed her ordeal over the past two days. In her post, Erica described how the incident started as a pleasant way for the family to enjoy the rain but swiftly evolved into a frightening event.


She wrote, “This wasn’t just any rain it was natural, not from cloud seeding, and it affected much of the UAE. Here’s what happened: It began around 12:45 am ish on April 16th with a gentle breeze, followed by lightning and rain. As hours passed, the rain intensified, exciting me as I love rain. But it was just the beginning. A few hours later, dark clouds blanketed the city, turning day into night in minutes. This was the strongest round yet.” 

Describing the event of the fateful evening, the actress added, “The winds were fierce, tossing objects around like toys. We hurried to secure things on the balcony, watching as furniture and other items flying away from others balconies. Suddenly, visibility dropped to zero. Despite enjoying the rain, fear crept in as round four hit later in the evening. We scrambled to clean up and contain water leaking into our home. We’re grateful for everyone’s concern about our well-being. Thankfully, we’re all safe. As Dubai and the UAE recover, let’s also remember those who lost their lives during the flood."



Other countries affected by the thunderstorm

Other countries in the Gulf region have been battered by storms in recent days, causing deadly flooding and major disruption. At least 14 people died, including nine children, in flash flooding in Oman with emergency teams rescuing two stranded people alive amid heavy downpours, the National News reported. Heavy rain has caused flooding on roads in Bahrain's capital Manama, while Kuwait is braced for potential storms today. Saudi Arabia is also preparing for storms until Wednesday.




Published April 19th, 2024 at 17:18 IST