Updated May 1st, 2024 at 07:00 IST

Krishna Mukherjee Slams Netizens Questioning Her Depression Amid Non-Payment Controversy

Krishna Mukherjee took to her Instagram account to express gratitude for people supporting her and to reply to people questioning her anxiety and depression.

Krishna Mukherjee | Image:krishna_mukherjee786/Instagram

Krishna Mukherjee has been in the news after she accused the makers of her show Shubh Shagun of non-payment and mental harassment issues. While on one side, the actress has been gaining support from her peers in the industry, she is also being questioned by a group of netizens. Sharing a video on her social media account, the 31-year-old expressed gratitude to everyone standing in her support and also gave a befitting reply to those questioning the authenticity of her claims.  

Only time will tell everything: Krishna Mukherjee on people asking her the truth 

On April 30, Krishna Mukherjee took to her Instagram account to share a video thanking everyone who decided to support her in the matter. She also asserted that she did not want to share her ordeal on social media and followed all necessary protocols before doing so, but had to do it having no other choice. She also clarified that she had been wronged by one person and not the whole industry and deemed it a ‘privilege’ to work with good production houses. 

The actress said, “A few people have accused me of putting false allegations on them. All I would tell them is that only time will tell everything. Everyone will know who is speaking the truth.” She added that she waited for more than a year for her story to be heard and when that did not help she had to resort to social media. Krishna said, “It wasn’t my first choice to put all this on social media. I waited a lot, more than a year. I followed all protocols, but when there was no response from their end or any help, I felt helpless. I suffered from anxiety and depression and had to do this for myself.” 


Krishna continued that a lot of people questioned if she was really depressed because she was posting actively on social media. She argued, “A lot of people commented on me being depressed asking why I was posting or why I looked happy. I was hurt because people don’t know what anxiety and depression are. It doesn’t mean a person suffering cannot live. I am grateful to have a family and friends that have supported me from day one.” 

What is the Krishna Mukherjee controversy?

On April 26, Krishna Mukherjee first took to her Instagram account to share her plight on working on the show Shubh Shagun which was discontinued airing in 2022. The show also featured Shezada Dhami. In the long post, the actress accused the producer of the show Kundan Singh of not paying the cast their due for over six months. She also added that the crew of the show would lock her inside the makeup van when she faced difficulty in shooting. 

Her accusations reached far and wide with her peers like Aly Gony, Surbhi Chandna, Pavitra Punia, Rajiv Aditya and Urofi Javed supporting her. The producer Kundan Singh also responded to her claims deeming them false and assured her that he would take legal action against her.


Published May 1st, 2024 at 07:00 IST