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Ragini Khanna Reveals If Govinda Helped Her Get The Auditions: He Never Gives...

Sasural Genda Phool actress Ragini Khanna revealed that she never took help or used uncle and superstar Govinda's name to get the auditions.

Ragini Khanna | Image:instagram

Ragini Khanna has found herself back in the headlines after she was snapped at her cousin Arti Singh's wedding. The actress rose to fame with her role as Bharti in the popular TV show Bhaskar Bharti and went on to star in another popular show Sasural Genda Phool. However, she was last seen in the 2020 movie Ghoomketu. In a recent interview, the actress was asked whether her uncle and superstar Govinda ever extended help to get her auditions.

Ragini Khanna opens up about whether Govinda helped her build a career

In an interview with Telly Talk India, Ragini revealed that she never took help or used Govinda's name to get the auditions. The actress is proud to build her career by herself. The actress shared that he has given many interviews "not just once but 7 to 8 times". However, this never bothered her and was rather satisfied with not getting roles. “It’s fine if I land the role or no; it’s okay if I move forward," adding to this, she said that she has always received work after giving the auditions.

Ragini further mentioned had she used Govinda's name for her career, she would have been working at this time. However, Govinda never calls anyone to give work for his own kids. "He never gives recommendations," the actress concluded.


Why Ragini Khanna is not working?

In one of the previous interviews, Ragini revealed she was "very disoriented" by her work as she was not able to differentiate between her natural self vs on-screen character. The actress made her acting debut with the TV show Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi. After working in several TV shows, she forayed into Bollywood with the 2011 movie Teen Thay Bhai.



She has also worked in movies such as Bhaji in Problem, Gurgaon, Posham Pa and Ghoomketu.


Published May 20th, 2024 at 15:16 IST